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Stress Testing


Stress testing is a test where your cardiac function is studied under active "stressing" conditions. This may involve walking on a treadmill to increase your heart rate or it could involve receiving a drug that can imitate exercise. The reactions of your heart are monitored and recorded and then interpreted by Board Certified Cardiologists.

Many of the stress tests are combined with the nuclear medicine department. During the stress test, a nuclear substance is injected into an intravenous line. Pictures are then taken using state of the art technology to track how your heart works to circulate the medicine. Board Certified Radiologists interpret these images in conjunction with the stress report. Together they provide information to help in the diagnoses and treatment of heart conditions.

Stress testing is personally monitored by Board Certified Cardiologists and assisted by staff that includes:

  • Licensed registered nurses
  • Therapists registered or certified by the National Board for Respiratory Care and licensed by the State of Florida
  • Technicians who are highly trained individuals with proven study outcomes
  • Licensed nuclear medicine technologists


Hours of Operation
Outpatient Stress Testing is available Monday through Saturday, 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Stress testing is also available for patients admitted to the hospital per their physician's request. 

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment for a stress test, please call Central Scheduling at (561) 374-5700.

For more information, please call (561) 737-7733, ext. 84747.

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